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- Porta San Biagio, one of the three gates and entrance to the city centre 400 mt
- Roman amphitheatre 500 mt
- Castle Carlo V 500 mt
- Church of San Matteo 550 mt
- Church ofSanta Chiara 650 mt
- Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the main square in the city centre 700 mt
- Roman theatre 700 mt
- Basilica di Santa Croce 800 mt
- Piazza Mazzini, the heart of shopping in Lecce 800 mt
-Church of San Francesco della Scarpa 850 mt
- Duomo 900 mt
- Palazzo dei Celestini 900 mt
- Church of Sant'Irene 900 mt
- Ex Convento dei Teatini 900 mt
- Greek church 1.0 km
- Porta Napoli 2.5 km
- Porta Rudiae, the oldest gate 2.5 km

Salento’s famous coasts, with their clear water and white, fine sand, are less than 20 km away. You can reach them by bus or by car, and discover some of the most spectacular beaches in our peninsula: San Foca, Torre Dell’Orso, Otranto, Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme on the Adriatic coast; Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli, Santa Maria al Bagno and Porto Selvaggio on the Ionian Sea. If you drive further down, you will arrive right at the end of the heel, and be able to admire Santa Maria di Leuca and its famous lighthouse.